Pathways Notice


◈ 2017 Annual Report: PEIA Pathways to Wellness Annual Report 2017.

New in 2017: My Pathways

Are you ready to make a lifestyle change that will help you meet the HEALTHY TOMORROWS biometric range? MY PATHWAYS IS FOR YOU!

The PEIA Pathways to Wellness Program is designed to meet your lifestyle needs. Pathways offers a variety of programs to support members in making healthier choices regarding nutrition, stress management, physical activity and more. PEIA Preferred Provider Benefit and Health Plan insured are eligible for onsite fitness classes and wellness challenges that may be arranged through our regional Health Promotion Consultants (see map below) on a first come, first served basis.

PEIA members are eligible for lifestyle coaching addressing how to make those changes necessary to improve health.

Pathways is also a resource to advise PPB members regarding the availability and enrollment processes for the PEIA Weight Management Program, the PEIA Face to Face Diabetes Program, classes offered through the state’s two Extension Services, tobacco cessation and dietetic services.

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